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2023 Episodes:

      1. A Deep Dive Into the Shuttle Walk Tests (January 18th 2023): I am going to be taking a much needed break for the next while, so I hope you enjoy this past episode about the shuttle walk tests. I’ll be back soon with new content, but until then, thank you again for your support.
      2. Changing It Up on LungFIT (February 8, 2023): We are back!  Tune in for news about the directions we are taking this podcast!
      3. Getting Ahead in your Writing (March 1, 2023): In this episode, I talk about academic writing. I talk about some of the barriers that people have about their writing, and offer some solutions.
      4. Journal Club – Watson (March 22,2023): This episode we dive into a paper by Watson et al. discussing the 6MWD & the 1M STS test.

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